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Re: [IP] Re: Humalog and Heat

Katie wrote to me:

>If I remember correctly, you have an allergy to humalog, correct? I would
>assume, that makes your reaction different than the norm. Are you sure
that it
>was a problem with the heat and not a problem with the allergy?

You're correct - my problems with Humalog in the heat could have been due
to my problems with Humalog in general.

We're not sure if it's truly an allergy, I'm not sure what the "normal"
reaction to Humalog in a pump is / should be. I'm not sure Eli Lilly or the
pump vendors know, either. They've reported issues like this as well. I did
have issues with Humalog in the heat almost a full year prior to
discontinuing it due to my "allergy / whatever". Perhaps there was a low
level tug of war going on in my body the entire time with the Humalog. We
don't know, and unfortunately, can't go back and re do the experiment, with
proper controls this time ;-)

Similar problems have been reported since Humalog was introduced. These are
"incidents", and probably can't be considered true trends or patterns. The
pendulum of opinion seems to swing back and forth on the heat issue with
Humalog. There's no clear consensus, partly since a lot of this info is
just anecdotal - reported by users, with no real experiments, with proper
controls, etc.. Complicate that by saying you heard something discussed on
the Internet, and some professionals / companies just stop listening.

It's a bit ironic that I participated in a "study"  that Lilly did when
they first released Humalog. I received a month's supply of Humalog and a
BG meter for free - I just had to respond to some questions about the drug.
The survey was a real "marketing" type of thing. Primarily concerned with
things like could I eat sooner, what was I using prior to Humalog, and did
I "feel" any better since trying it, did I feel like my life was any
better. Virtually nothing of any scientific basis in the whole process.
Shucks - I think they left out the important questions. I wonder what would
happen if they did the same survey today ;-)

It's great that some can continue to use it in all kinds of weather, with
no problems, but it's baffling why some seem to have difficulty with it. I
honestly wonder if perhaps it is simply not as suitable for as wide a
population or for as wide a range of delivery options as once thought /
hoped. I just don't know - I really wish I did ;-|

Bob Burnett

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