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Re: [IP] sweaty skin

At 08:20 AM 07/17/1998  Bonnie Richardson wrote:
>Cindy in Seattle!
>The San Juan Islands are so beautiful.  I spent several week there 11
>ago when I lived in Portland.  When I had to come back home to Alabama no
>one would believe me when I said no one there had an air conditioned car
>and few air conditioned houses.  Lordy, I would love to be there now.
>at 80 degrees in the day, the nights are always cool.  We end up with 85
>degrees and humidity at 87% about 9:PM at night.  Texas is even worse.  

I hope you were referring to the San Juans, not Portland. I live about 15
miles west of Portland and a whole bunch of us have air-conditioned cars
and homes. It was 90 in the shade yesterday and air-conditioning saved my
sanity as I slaved over a hot computer.


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