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[IP] The CAUSE...

My added story...shorten for easy reading, of course.
    I was asthmatic since birth, spent many a night in the E.R. hooked
up to respirators.  I was packed full of Prenisone(sp?) I have pictures
from pre-school and elementary school with my face taking up the whole
picture (the drug "puffs" you up)  As soon as the asthma was "outgrown"
I was diagnosed diabetic...which also coincided with the most extreme
case of chicken pox my pediatrician had ever witnessed.  So...I guess I
kind of fit under ALL those categories of theories and such - 1)
asthma/Prenisone 2) viral/chicken pox 3) stress, no doubt  4) screwed up
genes...etc...  -Tonya D.   (can't say I'm not a medical experiment!)

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