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Re: [IP] Please help me!

Judy, I assume you have solved your problem by now, but when I have similar
problems to that, I change everything--cartridge,needle,tubing,insulin.
Anyway, I hope you have figured it out.  It IS very frustrating.  BTW, I had
alot of problems with blood in the tubing beginning about a year ago.  Every
time I would start a new intense workout of a new exercise, there it would
be--blood in the tubing.  I started out changing the set, and then, ignoring
it, and then trying every kind of needle they make with no difference.  It
seems that once I got adjusted to a new activity--swimming, running, aerobics,
the blood would not be there, but I first had to get use to that activity.  I
think this would be difficult to adjust for a child b/c they are so active.  I
have NOT had any blood in the tender since I got advice at this pump site
about putting the tender in very shallow.  I have a lot of muscle in my
stomach and I have to lay the tender right on the skin to get the very shallow
insertion.  This has solved the problem for me, but I want to start a new
exercise--very intense--to see if there is still no bleeding.  Also, when I
get a reading between 400-500, I automatically get a syringe and inject the
Humalog.  I figure something is askew with the pump whether it is or not.
Better to be safe that suffer all that stress.  The syringe method is really
not that bad, especially if you don't have to do it all the time.  ellen
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