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[IP] Long term diabetics

Okay, I'll confess as well.  I have been insulin dependent for 34.5
years.  I remember waking up every morning to the sound of the
sterilizer boiling up that glass syringe with the thick needle.  I never
diluted the urine tests to get the right reults, I just lied about them
(or didn't do them at all and threw away the Clinitest tablet!).  I
started on an orange as well, but they let me inject it with real
insulin so buy the time I went home on Day 8 the orange had pretty much
digested itself.
My mother cried when she told me the doctor thought I had diabetes.  I
didn't know what it was (I was 13) but thought "If she's that upset, I
should just kill myself."  Except all I could find to overdose on were
aspirin and I hated swallowing pills anyway!
I haven't bee a "good" diabetic until the beginning of this year when I
decided it was time to start taking care of myself. (My last
glycohemoglobin was 5.2 so I've made a big turn around.)  As my endo (my
personal nominee for the best) says "Some people are just congenitally
protected from complications."
It's been a long time, but not all that bad, maybe just do to ignorance
and blind neglect.
Vicki McDonald

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