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Re: [IP] RE: 39 Years

Ruth wrote:

>I had to haul those Clinitest kits to school and it was a complete loss.
>were two ways to do it -- 5 drop and 10 drop -- with different color scales.
>Since I always had to "prove" I was ok, I just added more drops of water
if I was
>higher and used the other scale so no one would find out I had made a mistake
>(even if I didn't know what the mistake was).  I do remember being treated
>hypoglycemia a few times I tested 0% and right after having my blood drawn
at the
>Dr's office and the blood test came back at 200 or 250 right as they were
>me juice.
Aha - someone else who used to dilute the testing !!! <vbg>

Crude methods they were, but the best available at the time. I think
there's folks on the list who remember boiling the urine with Benedicts'
Solution (?) to get test results. I guess the Clinitest tabs were a step in
the right direction. My big problem with testing urine was by the time I
showed 0% (or "Negative" as we used to call it), I was generally hypo or
quickly on my way to hypo. I never seemed able to get any reliable
correlation between the urine test and the blood test results. Home BG
testing was a tremendous leap forward ;-)

Bob Burnett

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