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Re: [IP] sweaty skin

I use  Disetronic Tenders hooked to a Mini Med 507. I live in Florida which
is a very hot climate. And I sweat a lot. When I prepare my sight:
1. Cleanse the site well
2. I use 4 skin prep pads -coat the area
3. then I spray Medical Adhesive (Hollister-Stock #7730) to the back of the
4. when both site and tegraderm is dry I apply the tegraderm over the site.
5. then i insert the cannula into the site area
6. then making sure nothing is backing up -I take another piece of
tegraderm and cut it in half and place one half on the back part of the
cannula and the other half on the lower lip of the cannula. Make sure
tubing still can be disconnected easily from the cannula.
I do this and no matter how much I sweat dressing stays in place till time
to change it
Willard  Bell  [ email @ redacted ]

At 10:31 PM 7/16/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello everyone out there. I read the FAQ about keeping your dressing in
>place and have seen alot of  chat posted about it, but can't remember the
>specifics. I am having trouble with my IV 3000 and tegaderm coming off
>because I perspire under it. I got some clear liquid anti-perspirant. Could
>someone tell me: do you put skin prep on then the anti-per., or no skin
>prep, or anti-per. then skin prep. , or what? I have been: disinfecting
>with chlorhexadine, inserting, covering the set with the IV 3000, putting a
>little skin prep on that dressing, covering with another piece of
>transparent dressing. The perspiration problem just started with our recent
>heat wave of 80 degrees (forgive my whining if you're from Texas) here in
>Seattle. I'd really appreciate as much info. as possible and quick as I am
>going to a remote (boat/fly in only) island in the San Juans this weekend
>for alot of sweaty hiking and I'd like to keep my dressing on, in a manner
>of speaking.
>Also, I went to a medical supply place and they were very helpful in
>pointing me to cheaper brands of the same stuff we know and love. "Stat
>Touch II" is the same as Hibiclens, costs 1/3 as much. And these
>transparent dressings called EpiVIEW were about $.25 cheaper than tegaderm 
>which was $.90 each. Thanks pals. Cindy in Seattle
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
For subscribe / unsubscribe information,
send the next two lines in a message
to the e-mail address: email @ redacted