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Re: catalyst for Type I? [was [IP] Prednisone]

> > What are other people's theories?
> Kayla started showing symptoms shortly after a viral illness.  A friend
> was diagnosed a few weeks after having chicken pox.

In retrospect, my family members (other than myself) initially blamed a flu
for "causing" my diabetes, since they noted that I never really recovered
from a flu which I caught in November 1968. I was diagnosed and
hospitalized with diabetes at the end of February 1969. Actually, I feel
that the flu was more a result of my already deteriorating state than a
precipitator of my diabetes. I recall that I lost 5 pounds between the
yearly school weigh-ins at the end of the school years 1967 and 1968.
Prior to that time, I had been extremely healthy - I had never missed a day
of school. I lost another 12 pounds before being diagnosed 9 months later.
I felt quite horrible for all of 1968 - long before the flu "got me". One
undeniable symptom I had of an immune system gone amok  was that much of
my  hair fell out a good year before my diabetes diagnosis.  I have had
this problem on and off since birth - apparently my lymphocytes
occasionally decide to attack the roots of my hair. (I'm currently
recovering from the most recent assault...). I really don't know what
causes my body to misbehave sometimes -  I often think that it just has a
mind of its own...


P.S.: At the time of diagnosis, I didn't have any relatives with diabetes.
Very soon after diagnosis, a distant cousin died at age ten of undiagnosed
diabetes. There are lots of  autoimmune disfunctions in my relatives, but
the vast majority of them are extremely healthy (in spite of or perhaps
because of their autoimmune systems).

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