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I have to add my story too, I developed diabetes around my 20th week of my
first pregnancy. I felt really yucky around 12 weeks and I kept telling my
OB that, but he just kept telling me to eat more, a week later I'd feel
worse and he kept sending me home saying "Eat!!!!" Eventually I was drinking
2L bottles of pop, lots of water, lots of whatever I could get my hands on,
but I felt worse and worse, I remember one visit to the OB to complain some
more his receptionist, after checking my urine, stuck her head in the
examining room and asked me what kind of cereal I had eaten that morning, I
told her none "why?" She responded by saying "that my urine just had a lot
of glucose in it, that's all"!!!! I being totally ignorant of diabetes and
it symptoms didn't suspect anything..........well to make a long story short
by about my 20th week of the pregnancy I ended up at the ob's office for the
last time, weighing 95lbs, almost blind, severely dehydrated and ready to
lapse into a coma..........immediately I was admitted to the hospital and
the diagnosis was realized!!!!!!!! I was sent to a huge teaching hospital
out of town with one of the best diabetes centres and the best high risk
pregnancy team around.  My baby made it through all that.......full term,
due date.....8 pounds.......whew!!! I have a little trouble trusting doctors
after that. But, the idea is that I was probably diabetic before getting
pregnant. I was also the first diabetic in my family. Been one now for 9
years. Wendy

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