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[IP] RE Please help me


I know that when I go on an active vacation, specifically
skiing, my bg's go crazy.  I find that I need to increase
the basal rate in the evenings to keep my bg reasonable. 
That might help.  I find it hard to think that Megan's
infusion site is going "bad" that quickly.  Increasing the
rate to 150% might be a starting point.


<<<Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 07:35:02 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Please help me!


I have been up half the night trying to figure out what is
going on with
Megan.Last week when we were on vacation I had to change her
infusion set
daily. She was very active rolling around and playing etc
and kept getting
blood in her tubing and would shoot up to 400. Changing the
set brought her
back down quickly.

Yesterday she shot up to 400 during the night. I changed the
set in the am.
Her blood sugar went down to 79 pre-lunch. She had her
normal amount of carbs
and bolused accordingly. By dinner she was up to 359.
Bolused for high bg then
an hour later gave her dinner with her normal carbs and
bolus. At bedtime she
was 109-had her snack and normal bolus. Checked her at 11 pm
up to 275. Bolus
.5 units. Check her again at 1am shes 479! WOW! Bolused 1
unit. Checked in one
hour 478. Removed infusion and injected 1.5 units of

When I took out the infusion there was no blood on the
needle or tape but her
butt bled lika a stuck pig. I observed the needle and saw
insulin dripping
from it-could smell it too. Then I bolused 1 unit to check
the flow and it was
flowing out of the needle no problem.

I am in tears! Megan's hip area looks like a pin cushion.
She will not let me
put in the Comfort or the Silouette. I do not know what to
do except give her
butt a rest and put her back on MDI. Any suggestions????

WE need an infusion set for little kids. Disetronic sent the
6mm Rapid to the
US without getting FDA approval-now we have top wait

Thanks for any help

Judy C.>>>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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