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Re: [IP] RE: 39 Years


Could be the same reason I often don't know if it's Monday or Tuesday ;-)

We already know I can't count. I've been math challenged for years, but I
can't remember how many years. It wasn't until recently that I discovered I
could actually use all 10 of my fingers for BG tests <vbg>

Actually, the main reason I don't know for sure, is my diagnosis came right
around the time I was hospitalized for a hernia operation. I was "around" 4
or 5 at the time (damn - there goes that math challenged thing again. It
just keeps popping up when I least expect it ;-)). I honestly don't
remember "never" being diabetic.

This probably also fits somewhere in the thread about Causes of Diabetes.
Though a hernia is not a virus, it was certainly stressful being in the
hospital for the experience. My maternal grandmother was IDDM, but it may
have been adult onset. My mom developed Type II some time before her death
last year, but I don't know how long she had it.

I'll have to remember to ask my dad about these details when I see him next
week. His memory is much better than mine. I'm hopeful mine will improve
with age <vbg>


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>Bob, why don't you know if it's been 41 or 42 years?  Sounds to me like
>that might be some new complication.  Can't count?   or subtract? And here
>I thought all that extra sugar made us diabetics smarter than everyone else!
><<<<<<<<<> Subject: Re: [IP] RE: 39 Years
>> Date: Thursday, July 16, 1998 9:04 AM
>I've been Type 1 for at least 41, probably 42 of my 46 years. No
>complications that I know of, and absolutely no interest in discovering any
>that have not been categorized yet ;-)

Bob Burnett

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