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Re: [IP] Re: Causes of Diabetes

Paula, the same virus that causes chicken pox is responsible for shingles.
Some viral infections are associated with diabetes, but there is no
definitive cause and effect.  Many viral infections lead to an increase in
immune cells known as Th1 types (helper T cells of type 1).  This
differentiation comes at the expense of Th2 cells, immune cells that are
responsible for allergic responses.  This is one reason why the incidence
of ashtma is so low in diabetics.  Prior to my diabetic onset I had lots of
boils on my legs, something which was not uncommon.  Likely due to some
virus that then souped up my Th1 cells to go a search and destroy mission.
Too bad they found those Beta cells.

,<<<<<<<<<<<<From: "Paula Berketo" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: Re: Causes of Diabetes

My endo has never backed me up on this one but after reading all the E-mail
and talking to so many people I am sure there are enough cases to write
some sort of serious medical paper.....

My grandmother had type one which is what I got when I was three.  My
doctor says type one is not hereditary.  I know many families who have more
than one family member with type one.  Can anyone provide any written proof
that type one is not hereditary.

Several fellow IDDM's developed diabetes after chicken pox.  I had diabetes
for 20 years without any problems when I got chicken pox.  Within six
months I had severe delayed absorption.

Several other pumpers have said they got diabetes after viral infections.
I know you are very likely to get IDDM after having shingles (which is like
internal chicken pox isn't it???)

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