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[IP] Many years.....

     In responce to all the others out there who still remember waking at 
     2AM to the 'test tube' & Clinitest's version of small scale nuclear 
     I've been in for 36 years and have just passed 18 on the pump.
     By the way: Joslin US has a 25 year certificate as well as the famous 
     fifty club.  I would imagine many many of us qualify for the 25 years 
     (I am in process of getting it just so I can have it on file for the 
     50 year one).  (When I get home and find paperwork I'll post the 
     address/phone number to call).
     By the way: Went to see my eye docotr last night.  Despite the fact 
     that I really get very scarred about eye doctor appointments and that 
     I was overdue, his only comment was 'they (the excedates which have 
     been in my eyes for at least 20 years) look a little better than last 
     time'. My vision hasn't changed and overall things OK.
     The doctor introduced me to one of his assistants who told me she has 
     an eight year old diabetic boy who is having a terrible time with 
     control.  She was interested in pumping, and kids on pumps, so if 
     anyone with kids would send her a one or two page 'why my 
     son/daughter/and us love the pump' it might be nice (I already gave 
     her the site ID and told her where to find the kids pumping links).
     Her e-mail at: email @ redacted
     thanx much.
     Yerachmiel Altman

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