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Re: [IP] RE: IDDM 49 yrs 11/98

I have had diabetes 49 yrs in Nov since age 19 began
taking insulin same date, with the great improvement in
the diet & testing one should be able to do well, I 
remember when one must use a tablet in urine to test
later test strip's and than test tape came along, the 
throw away syrings a great improvement over those
that must be boiled before use, the BG test meter is
a blessing helping one to know at an instance one's
BG level

In the 49 yrs life has been good to me, worked to age
65 very few problems due to diabetes now retired over
4 yrs. I have been able to camp about 2 weeks and
many day or 2 at a time no problem. I rode a bicycle 
from Atlanta, Ga to Daytona, Fl twice New Orleans, La
once, Wanted to fly unable to pass physical for license
so did get a license for light than air (hot air baloon) have
a commercial & instructors license. have had a motorcycle 
most of my life, what i am trying to set forth is we can do
about anything we set our mind to do if we try hard enough
i think diabetes did contribite to my determination to not
give up as if i have desided or said going to do something
don't acquise inability on diabetes.

Elzie Speir
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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