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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #418

Hey guys....long time no writing...my fault...been busy...the posts
became to much for me  to keep up with so i went on the digest
version....but it seems that the digest is getting too long for my mail
program to handle also...i hate to miss out with what is going on with
you guys but since i am computer challenged (maybe mary jean could
explain it to me?) i am unable to bring the messages down for me to
read....sooo....i was wondering if it wasn't too much trouble if the
digest could be divided so it can come out whole...and i have seen where
other lists will have a sort of table of contents so that it is easier to
scan the post to find what pertains to your situation....You already do
so much for us Michael...and i appreciate your efforts... so if it is a
bother ignore my suggestions....miss you guys....michelle email @ redacted

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