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Re: [IP] Re: Re: Causes of Diabetes

Well I thought I had heard/read that they HAD found a gene that was 
linked to type I...acutally they found a few. (3?) no one of them seems 
to be a "you will have diabetes" kind of indicator, but the presence of 
any one of them seemed to say "keep a watch out" (I don't remember if 
risk increased with multiple presences) -- It was fairly recent 
(in the last few years)...But looking at it from another perspecitve, why 
should it not be hereditary.  -- what causes it, an autoimmune response 
to your beta cells....So that means that your body made antibodies to its 
own cells, (granted it may have been trying to fight  off an infection at 
the time)  The body isn't really supposed to do that.  Which indicates 
some sort of protien synthesis error, hence a genetic trait, and we all 
know where genes come from.  I have a father and a cousin who are IDDM 
type I, as well as myself....not hereditary?  Its not hereditary in the 
simple "if both parens have blue eyes what will the kid have" type 
thing,, but there is definitly predisposition passed down.

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