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Re: [IP] Re: Re: Causes of Diabetes

    yet another "case history": my then 9 yr old daughter developed IDDM
approximately 6 wks after she had a summer virus.  High fever for 3 days - no
other symptoms.  The explanation I've heard most often is that while Type I is
NOT hereditary, the PREDISPOSITION to auto-immune diseases IS!!!!....I have
had hypothryoidism for about 30 years and sarcoidosis and Raynaud's disease
(the last 2 are not problematic/ thyroid controlled by synthroid)..
    What's fascinating is that one day while in a chat room for parents of
kids with diabetes, about 6 or 7 of us mothers discovered that we ALL had
hypothyroidism!!!...so the supposed "theory" of being predisposed certainly
makes sense to me!....Only other IDDM family member was my cousin, whose
younger brother suffered from asthma & horrendous allergies...

regards, Renee
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