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Re: Re: catalyst for Type I? [was [IP] Prednisone]


This bring up an interesting topic. I've heard many different thoughts over the years from other Type Is who all claim different catalysts for their disease. I'm curious what others think caused their beta cells to be attacked?

For me, I think I'm a good example for the stress-induced theory. I was diagnosed in 1989 two months after I went away to college for the first time. Leaving my family for the first time, moving all the way across the state, I think this is definitely what got my stress hormones worked up. Since I had no illnesses prior to being diagnosed, and since my BGs were only 400 with no signs of ketones or weight loss, I can only assume I hadn't been a diabetic long.

What are other people's theories?

[reply to Bonnie's msg:]
>My diabetes was the result of a bad virus infection.  I had a bad >sinus infection  which put me in bed for two days (this from a >person who is never sick in bed for anything).  Six weeks later >with BS 1205 I was diagnosed in the hospital with Juvenile 
>diabetes Type I.  My doctor finally agreed that the virus >apparently got into my pancreas and killed those cute little >buggers that make insulin.  I had to stay in the children's ward (I >was 44 at the time) for several weeks.  No diabetes history in my >family.  

>So whatever you call the "flu", if it involves a fever, infection or >trauma
>to the body, it can trigger diabetes. I have a hard time believing it >was the Prednisone?  but who knows? 

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