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Re: [IP] Re: Humalog and Heat


I had experience last summer when a fresh cartridge of Humalog "spoiled" in
my pump in less than two hours in the sun and heat that was around 95 degrees.

Changing my site, yet using the same insulin brought no relief. I changed
the cartridge, primed the infusion set again to "flush it out", and things
returned to normal fairly quick. I always seemed to have problems when the
Humalog got real warm. I definitely noticed this when I wore my pump inside
my neoprene fishing waders all day during real hot (more than 80 degrees)
weather. The waders kept me somewhat comfortable, but the insulin never
seemed to like the experience. I was not using any special insulation
around the pump at these times.

Another possibility is that this only affects some people, due to subtle
changes in the insulin. YMMV is probably a good statement here ;-)


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Katie wrote in response to Ted:

>I agree about losing absorption at the site with humalog in some people (as I
>experience this myself although it took a year before this started happening)
>but the heat and losing strength I'm unsure of. I have heard the site problem
>repeated over and over with our list humalog users but not about the heat.
>I shower with my pump which warms the insulin and I live in Houston with 100
>degree temps and I have not noticed a problem. But I do not work all day in
>the sun either.

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