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Re: [IP] RE: 39 Years

Thanks Bonnie ;-)

I don't talk about the "early years" a lot, because so much of it was a
guessing game. When I used to downhill ski, my friend and I coined an
expression to describe our descents through the mogul fields (you've maybe
seen those "huge bump contests" on television). We described our ski runs
as "A series of linked recoveries". That's what the early years with
diabetes were like for me and my family - a series of linked recoveries <vbg>

I'm lucky, I know. I pray that doesn't change. Like I said before, I
certainly don't want some new "condition" or complication named after me.
That's certainly an "honor" I can do without <vbg>

My heartfelt congratulations to your daughter and your family. I hear
things like this and I know that dealing with the challenges of my health
pales by comparison. Enjoy your special moment on 7/18 - you've earned it.
I'll think of you all then ;-)


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>WOW, Bob, I have been impressed with all the input you provide.  Now I know
>why.  CONGRATULATIONS on working hard on your good health.  To have no
>complications after 41 years is an achievement to be recognized and
>honored.   Can I call FORECAST and tell them about you?
>It reminds me of the awards, medallions and such that go on in Narcotics
>Anonymous.  My daughter has 13 years clean and straight on 7/18 and we are
>very proud of her. She will get a party and special medallion and other
>goodies by her "group".   You deserve at least the same.  

Bob Burnett

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