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Re: [IP] Karen, pump sites and pregnancy

>Karen, have you ever tried the other kind of infusion set, known variously 
>as Tenders (Disetronics), Silhouettes (MiniMed) or Comforts (Chronimed)?
>They can go in at any angle you wish and many thinner people, including
>find they work so much better than SofSets.
>Thing is these sets work sideways, the canula comes out of the side of
>a flat, split disk and can be inserted at an angle of your choosing. The
>canula can bend if the base is pushed in when you run it into something, and 
>it's flat enough that it doesn't catch readily on things and get twisted
>loose. Also the tape attached to the base holds it SO much better than the
>SofSets ever will, and it doesn't usually need overtaping. Just a LOT better
>design, IMHO. 
>Check on them, you might be surprised!
>Ted Quick
>email @ redacted

I have tried the Tenders under all their different names.  Unfortunately I
am a poker not a jabber so I can never get the damn things in right and the
stress it causes is just not worth it.  (I get so nervous and uptight that
I literally shake when I try to put the things in!) 

I used the bent needles exclusively until the sof-serter came out and never
had any problems with either until now.  I think the fat layer is
stretching out out over my growing belly and is therefore thinner than it
normally would be.

If it annoys me enough I will probably try again eventually but not right now!

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