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Re: [IP] Re: Backpacking with a pump (long!)

> Pump Insulin: 2xwhat I should need (at least 2 separate bottles or vials)
>         I like using the Novo PenFills or the Lilly equivalent because 
>         they are smaller and more durable than the 10cc bottles. Downside 
>         is it they cost more and only have 1.5cc (or 3cc) in each vial

The 3cc penfil cartridge certainly is the ideal "bottle" for keeping
with a spare pump kit. I also keep a 1.5cc cartridge of Regular, and a
tiny 30 unit syringe in my wallet at all times for emergency backup.
Together they're so small, you can forget about them. And then when the
No Delivery alarm goes off in the canteen as I bolus for lunch (as does
happen), my wallet is right there in my pocket. I chuck out and replace
the cartridge every 6 months, as being shaken at body temperature for
that length of time will eventually take its toll.

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