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Re: [IP] State of Ohio and diabetes care

email @ redacted wrote:
> Anyone out there live in the State of Ohio?  My husband just accepted a job in
> Sandusky, so we'll be moving there.  Does Ohio require insurance companies to
> cover education for diabetes?  Any mandated care for diabetes? 

Not yet. There was a bill being considered a while back (a few months ago, I
that was going to start that, but I don't know if it was passed. I tried to sign
up for a list specific to Ohio formed to get people to push for it's passage,
never got any messages from them.

 How about
> doctors in the area from Toledo to Cincinnati? 

I don't really know of any, but I'm in the northeast corner of Ohio, between
Cleveland and Erie, PA. My doctor here is an internist on the POS setup my 
insurance company has, and I'm training HIM, so can't really suggest anybody
in Ohio. Of course I'v only lived here for 9 months anyway...

I do know a long term Type 1 in the Dayton area on another list, maybe I'll
try to get his e-mail address to you if I see any messages from him in the near

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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