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Re: [IP] Karen, pump sites and pregnancy

Karen Alasin wrote:
> I went back to the straight needles from the sof-sets to allow a more
> shallow insertion angle but I still have trouble with it.  I still have a
> huge bruise on my belly from the last time I tried someplace other than the
> love handle area-  I had a nice little geyser when I removed that set.

Karen, have you ever tried the other kind of infusion set, known variously 
as Tenders (Disetronics), Silhouettes (MiniMed) or Comforts (Chronimed)?
They can go in at any angle you wish and many thinner people, including myself,
find they work so much better than SofSets.

Thing is these sets work sideways, the canula comes out of the side of
a flat, split disk and can be inserted at an angle of your choosing. The
canula can bend if the base is pushed in when you run it into something, and 
it's flat enough that it doesn't catch readily on things and get twisted
loose. Also the tape attached to the base holds it SO much better than the
SofSets ever will, and it doesn't usually need overtaping. Just a LOT better
design, IMHO. 

Check on them, you might be surprised!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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