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Re: [IP] Re: Running Out of Insulin

Bob Burnett wrote:
> Here's what I didn't expect:
> It's very important to disconnect when you do things like this, so I did
> like a good pumper and disconnected from my site, then disconnected the
> tubing from the pump. I couldn't figure out what the small puddle on the
> floor was after I hooked everything back up. Finally, it dawned on me when
> I saw there was no insulin remaining in the tube! I had forgotten to clamp
> the tubing off prior to disconnecting from the pump. Once I disconnected
> both ends of the tubing, it drained completely and quickly.

> Moral of the story is to make sure I pack those little "useless looking"
> tubing clamps with me. They are useful ;-)

Hmmmm..... I've never used the tubing clamps. I do have the ingrained 
habit of always holding the disconnected (canula) end of the hose at or above
the other end of the hose while manipulating it as I refill or whatever. Then
it just stays in the loop and the worst I need to do is pump till it clears
a small bit of air at the end. I also don't find puddles on the floor....

Just a thought for you, the obvious escapes us so easily sometimes!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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