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Re: [IP] First time Pump Questions

At 06:15 PM 07/15/1998  Barb Schiller wrote:
What supplies
>come with the kit and what do you need to purchase separately? Does
>the insurance pay for all supplies?

I forgot to answer this part of your question. MiniMed sends you a pretty
complete 3 months worth of supplies (but no insulin, of course). However,
they automatically sent the Soft-sets. If you want the Silhouettes instead,
you'll need to make sure your MiniMed rep specifically orders them. I was
able to return the Soft-sets in exchange for the Silhouettes. 

As far as who pays for supplies... that will totally depend on your
insurance coverage. I'm fortunate in that both my own and my wife's
insurance covers all this stuff (what one doesn't cover the other one
will). We'll see... a couple of weeks ago I ordered a 3-month supply from
MiniMed and I'm still waiting for it arrive (MiniMed was going to bill the
insurance companies directly). 


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