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Re: [IP] First time Pump Questions

At 06:15 PM 07/15/1998  Barb Schiller wrote:
>What procedure do you go through when you first get your pump?  
>How do they regulate you?
>How long does it take to get (probably MiniMed 507c) once the Dr has
>prescribed the pump? (My insurance company will pay for it if Dr
>prescribes it and says that it is medically necessary) What supplies
>come with the kit and what do you need to purchase separately? Does
>the insurance pay for all supplies?
>Thanks to all that have responded to my "Considering Pump" inquiry - I
>am Ready to do it.

I just started on the pump about 6 weeks ago. I had a lot of initial help
from my MiniMed rep. He took my insurance information and worked with the
doctor to get all the paperwork sent out to the correct places. Within
about 4-5 weeks I had the pump delivered. The MiniMed rep that I worked
with knew all the insurance companies and what they required to get things
going. Often the letter of medical necessity from the MD has to be worded
just right, etc.  

My endo also set up an appointment with a CDE (Certified Diabetic Educator)
who was familiar with insulin pumps. I had a few weeks of training on diet
& pump set-up prior to installation... I even practiced for 3 days using a
saline solution. I had a visit with my endo a few days before "P-day" and
he set the basal rates with me. On the pump "install" day, the CDE helped
get going and monitored me just to make sure everything was working. I had
a follow-up visit 2 days later for a infusion-set change. The CDE also
checked with me numerous times during the next two/three weeks. All that,
plus this group, gave me a really good start.

It all seemed pretty scary at first... just because it was new, and I
wasn't exactly sure what to expect. But, I settled into it pretty quickly.
If you have more questions, please feel free to ask. We have a lot of
experience here.

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