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[IP] State of Ohio and diabetes care

 I live in Middletown OH which is about half-way between
Dayton and Cincinnati.  I don't believe that Ohio has any
laws requiring insurance payment for diabetes education; my
carrier did not pay for any education when I started pumping
20 months ago.
Regarding doctors, I am very happy with mine, but that is a
bit far from Sandusky (although I know of someone who drives
3.5 hours each way to see his doctor).  A pump support group
in Dayton to which I belong has talked about some excellent
doctors in the Toledo area, which is likely closer to where
you will be.  If you would like I will ask for specific
names and email you next week.  Also, there is a good pump
support group in a Sidney, which is about half-way between
Dayton and Toledo on I-75.
email @ redacted

<<Anyone out there live in the State of Ohio?  My husband
just accepted a job in
Sandusky, so we'll be moving there.  Does Ohio require
insurance companies to
cover education for diabetes?  Any mandated care for
diabetes?  How about
doctors in the area from Toledo to Cincinnati?  Any other
info which may be
helpful to me would be appreciated.
Beth Smith>>>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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