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Re: [IP] Pro-navel insertion

At 10:49 AM 07/15/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>> I didn't know it was supposed to go toward your belly button.  Does
>> know why?
>> Bonnie
>> I have a question about inserting the infusion set into my leg? I=20
>> know that when you go into the abdomen it should go in towards your=20
>> bellybutton, but what about the leg? Should it be inserted pointing=20
>> towards my feet or the other way around? Also is the inner or outer=20
>> thigh better?
>> Brad;
>I was told by my CDE that towards the navel followed the contour of 
>the muscles giving better absorption.

I'm still confused. Since you insert the set into the fatty tissue and not
the muscle, why would it matter which way the muscles went? 


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