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[IP] backpacking

Hi all,
All great advice on the backpacking. Back in a former life when I was a
research tech. I would be in the woods a week at a time. The take more than
you need is very important. Also make sure your footwear is well,well broke
in. get your boots and start wearing them alittle each day increasing the
time you wear them gradually. Also get the best you can afford, you do get
what you pay for. When I was doing the work it was in the reg/nph days never
any problem but once with an older bottle of reg.
At those altitudes weather can range greatly from oneday or hour to the next
so be prepared. A trick I used for cold weather(sometimes wind-chill
minus10) wrap insulin in something insulated then keep next to your body
above tee-shirt layer and the next.  an ace bandage or 2 wrapped around your
body with the insulin and extra syr. or two tucked in will help keep things
warmer in the cold. Works great if you have an unexpected bear encounter and
have to sacrifes your pack:-) Oh yeah the meter under your arm pit can warm
the meter for a test.
Even a week with horse's I always care a emergency kit in a fanny pack even
though it's easier to shove things in a saddle bag.
Your going to hear from non-dia to pack as lite as possible but give up room
and weight in other areas like clothes and gadgets not on your heath
Good luck sounds like a great time.
Barry Bruce
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email @ redacted
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