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Re: [IP] bolusing question

Pam, I have two boys, one just turned 15 last month.  This is a difficult age.
It is the I want to be just like everybody else age.  I don't know your son,
but maybe he is going through a "I'm not going to do what my parents want me
to do" stage.  Is this possible or am I way off the mark?  My son is very
confused right now about life in general.  It causes him great frustration.
He is not a diabetic though.  I have had diabetes for 39 years and I was very
frustrated with diabetes as a teenager.  I think you should see if he will
join the chat group for teenagers or children at this site.  He might refuse
to join a group, but if he will, it might help him deal with some of his
anxieties.  In hindsight, I think it would have helped me tremendously to have
other diabetic children or teenagers to talk to.  I didn't know any.  Perhaps
there is a group where you live also.  On the other hand, if he is REALLY
forgetting, maybe you can write bolus on his wallet or some cool symbol for
bolus so that when he takes out his wallet to buy food, he will see the symbol
and remember to bolus.  I wrote TPAIKLEL for TAKE PILL on my son's lunchbag to
remind him to take his pill.  The letters are alternating so noone knows what
it means except me and him and all of you(haha).  He is overly sensitive to
what others say and I have to tell you most of his classmates are amazingly
thoughtless.  I hope this helps some.  Good luck.  ellen  
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