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Re: [IP] backpacking and pumping

Bill, I go backpacking occassionally and have found the pump to make camping
easier.  I have not had a problem with the heat and my insulin.  I have heard
of others mentioning this, but I have not had that problem.  I have only
backpacked for 3 days at a time, though.  Be sure to take more than enough
tubing and tenders or needles, whatever you use.  I have a disetronic pump and
usually take my second pump, but leave that one in the car in a cooler.  I
carry the Humalog and syringes with me in case of some kind of disaster which,
BTW, I have never had.  The problem I have had is with my glucose monitor.  I
have been camping in 0 degree weather and the stupid monitor won't read.  I
have also been in 100 degree heat and the thing won't read.  That is
frustrating.  Therefore, when I think the weather is going to be intense, I
carry the chemstrips.  At least I can read them no matter the weather.  They
may be inaccurate at certain temps, but they are better than nothing.  I hope
this helps.  Have a great time.  ellen
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