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[IP] strange but true...

Hello group,
    I'm feeling better today than many of the past 5 days since
surgery.  Well, as crazy as this is going to sound, and probably more
info. than many of you want...I have to tell you anyway...Celia &
Delaine, you can skip this since you know (ha,ha) -
After surgery I was...well...uummm..."backed-up"...if you know what I
mean!  I had not gone to the bathroom in 8, yes I said eight days -
repeat EIGHT days!!!!  Not to mention the incredible discomfort I was
in...you would not believe my blood sugar readings!!!!!!!  No matter how
many times I bolused I would not go below 300!!  It was actually
starting to scare me!!  Finally, yesterday I was freed of my discomfort
and 'lo and behold my sugars are back down to the 100's.  So on the FAQ
and questions many ask about why they can't get their sugars down we
always mention the female thing or changing your site or so on....I from
now on will add my 2 cents worth by asking..."Are you constipated?!?"
-Tonya D.     :-)   (who's air bubble has not moved from her ribs but
her intestines have - THANK GOD!!!!!)

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