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Re: [IP] requesting funny stuff

This is less funny these days but it was very funny at the time:

The old autosyringe pumps had 9Volt batteries that alarmed when got low.  I was
16 and my little brother and I were home alone for the weekend -- my parents had
taken a short trip.  We heard a beeping sound, an alarm of some kind.  Walked
around and around the house trying to find what was ringing.  After 2 or 3 times
around we decided, brilliantly we thought, to see if we could eliminate rooms
where the noise was not as loud.  We walked around again, and in each room
agreed that it really does sound louder in here!  It took about 1/2 hour of more
and more frantic searching for us to suddenly realize that it was louder in each
room since I was carrying it around the house with me!

Those same batteries had an uncanny habit of setting off the alarm in final
exams.  Most exam periods in high school, I took at least one test where my pump
alarmed in the middle -- far too loudly (I was thrilled when Minimed turned the
volume so far down) -- while I struggled to get the batteries out of that thing
and turn it off.  You can imagine all the curious and annoyed looks from
classmates and teachers.

Well, there's a few.  Actually, my 506 alarm has gone off when I have been in
the middle of teaching a class.  It is a bit annoying and very embarrasing since
I insist my students turn their phones and pagers off during class.  It's a lot
more subtle than those Autosyringe alarms though.


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