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[IP] MiniMed Sports Guard

Hi Everyone,

I have read some postings in the past regarding the sports guard.  Some people
related problems with it leaking and drowning their pumps.  I was hesistant to
try the sports guard because of this.  I called MiniMed and talked to a
technical support person and ask him questions about this.  He instructed me
to NOT store the sports guard with the cap on it.  He also told me before
putting the cap on to put vaseline around the edges.  I made sure that if my
sports guard leaked that my pump was under warranty, it is :-)  So, yesterday
my husband and I went to the ocean.  We surfed and swam for a couple of hours.
I climbed all over the surf board and swam in the ocean with 4 to 5 ft surf.
The pump stayed DRY.  Yeah, it didn't leak.  I am convinced.

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