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Re: [IP] backpacking and pumping

In a message dated 98-07-14 21:54:13 EDT, you write:

<< What about the heat and its effect on my insulin (both in the pump and the
 extra I carry along)?  I am using Humalog, by the way.
I use humalog as well and live in Houston. "Gets pert near fire temp roun
these parts. Hotter 'en an ol' lump o coal."  Traveling around town, in and
out of a/c I don't worry about it. When I am going to be at the beach for a
few days: I use half a cartridge of insulin so that I am changing sooner to
insulin that has been kept in a refridge or ice box, and secondly when in
intensive heat I place a frozen cuzzie in my fanny pack along with my pump.

These have been done for precaution as I have not had problems with insulin
loosing strength. In a "rugged" environment I find that precautions including
changing sites daily is much easier then dealing with problems or quessing a
number or possiblilities.

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