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[IP] RE: Welcome Barb

    I too wonder why the hurry in making a decision to get or not to get?
You will find that most  of us will tell you to go for the pump! Best
decision I ever made. Bar none. Like Bob Burnett stated, most of the people
here have already experienced the wonderful feeling you get after getting
the rollercoaster BG's under better control. Also if you are taking any NPH
insulin. . . , in my opinion, that stuff makes you feel like you are on a
constant hangover. My second day on the pump made me feel so much better
that I would rather take 10 injections or more per day rather than using NPH
    I have a 507 that I have been on since January 6th, 1996 and have been
IDDM for 39 years today! I will not be without a pump. I feel better now
than I can EVER remember. Go for the pump. The only decision you have to
make is which pump. The 507 is fantastic!. The only drawback is that it is
not waterproof, if that makes a difference to you. If you can use the
SoftSets and the mechanical device that inserts them for you. . . . .  you
will never feel the stick when you insert them! Believe me. Go for the pump.
Any questions?

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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