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[IP] Re: Barb pros & cons

In a message dated 98-07-14 19:13:16 EDT, Barb Schiller  wrote:
 >I need input - I have two weeks to consider going on the pump and
 >would like to get pros and cons.
 > >>
Hey Barb,
My .02 cents on pros and cons.

For me, since starting pump therapy 1 1/2 years ago, my blood sugars have been
in better control than any other time of my 23 years of DM. I believe, that is
the bottom line. I want better control and the possiblility of less
complications. Pumping Insulin by John Walsh really helps emphasize the need
for control and the benefits of it. I suggest reading it.

As for the cons, the pump is NOT freedom. Keep in mind that freedom is a
realitive word. That is, prior to the pump, I took a couple of shots and went

Now, my diabetes is more visible, more time consuming and actually more fear
inducing. I have experienced more lows where I have needed help (i.e. on the
floor in sweats) in this period then all my years put together. 

I APPEAR to have a more delicate system then ever before. That is, the people
arround me see me now as having a disease and a problem. They notice when I'm
testing 10 times a day because my bg is high. I wake in the night to test when
I'm not sure about sites absorbing. There is more fear of going into
ketoacidosis. And more fear of going low.

I have hasseled with sites not absorbing properly to not at all. I'm almost
afraid to go anywhere without my glucose machine as I can no longer detect my
highs and lows. 

 The pump is not a pancreas. It gives you more flexiblity in what you can eat
and when but most us must still maintain a diet. I've steadily gained weight
since pumping.

The above is all realative. If you eat properly there is no reason to gain
weight, infact many have lost. If you have maintained tight control and
intensive therapy then this is a tool that will make your struggle easier. The
pump is intensive therapy. It is the best way (in my opinion) to achieve
optimal control. But it is INTENSIVE.

Again, my bgs have been better then ever before. I would not have been able to
achieve this on injections. I would never go back.


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