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Re: [IP] bolusing question

Hi, Pam:

Back when I was 14, I had a bit of a "I know what I'm doing, so why don't
you all just let me take care of myself, blah, blah, blah" attitude ;-) Is
your son simply forgetting, or perhaps exercising his "independence" a bit?
Don't mean to make him sound "bad", just wondering.

Does your son forget to bolus on weekends as well, or only during the week?
Wondering if perhaps it's a function of peer pressure, more than "gee, I
just forgot". I always dealt with my health a bit differently around peers
than when I was around my family.

>I'm new to the mailing list but not to diabetes or pumping.  Our son
>is almost 14 and next month will be his 11 year anniversary of diabetes.
>Almost 2 years ago he started on the Disetronic pump.  Everything is
>going really well except on thing.  He frequently forgets to bolus for
>a meal or a snack.  We are trying all kinds of things to get him to come
>up with a way to remember but it's not working.  Sometimes it happens
>as frequently as once a day.  When it's the before bed snack it's even
>more dangerous.  

Forgetting a bolus for a snack may have less impact than if he forgot to
bolus for a meal (typically less carbs consumed for snack). The BG rise
after the snack is likely easier to manage. Forgetting to bolus for a meal
is a little tougher to manage, though, since the subsequent BG rise might
be higher (more carbs consumed).

Is your son using Velosulin / Regular or Humalog? Sounds like he's not
using Humalog. With the lead time required for Velosulin / Regular,
remembering to bolus in advance of the meal is a little more critical.
Humalog does seem to make it easier to correct "mistakes".

If his meals are at pretty much the same time, how about setting a wrist
watch alarm as a reminder? Also, since so many kids wear pagers today, many
of the pagers have alarm capabilities - if it can be set to "vibrate mode"
as well, it's less noticeable. Of course, pagers open up all sorts of
possibilities - you could page him as a reminder, but I don't think either
of you would be comfortable with that ;-(

Bob Burnett

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