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Re: [IP] Karen, pump sites and pregnancy


Right now the only sites I can comfortably use are the sides of my tummy
where men tend to get "love handles".  Thighs, butt, hips none of them have
enough fat for a comfortable stick.  I was very thin before pregnancy and
it seems most of the weight I have gained is baby and muscle, not fat
(which is good except when trying to find a new infusion site).

I went back to the straight needles from the sof-sets to allow a more
shallow insertion angle but I still have trouble with it.  I still have a
huge bruise on my belly from the last time I tried someplace other than the
love handle area-  I had a nice little geyser when I removed that set.
Anyway,  as long as the areas I am using will hold out until November,  I
guess everything will be fine!

Keep me posted!

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