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[IP] bolusing question


I'm new to the mailing list but not to diabetes or pumping.  Our son
is almost 14 and next month will be his 11 year anniversary of diabetes.
Almost 2 years ago he started on the Disetronic pump.  Everything is
going really well except on thing.  He frequently forgets to bolus for
a meal or a snack.  We are trying all kinds of things to get him to come
up with a way to remember but it's not working.  Sometimes it happens
as frequently as once a day.  When it's the before bed snack it's even
more dangerous.  

We are looking for ANY suggestions to help him to remember.  He's not
always with us, obviously and even when he is he doesn't like to be
reminded (at this age).  He's a really good kid and has always taken
good care of himself.  It's just a matter of remembering right now.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

email @ redacted
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