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I don't know if I'm lucky, but I have warm hands with fingers that bleed
very readily, and the skin is also fairly sensitive. I use a BM
SoftTouch, which doesn't have a depth control, but I never press it hard
onto the skin, and usually tilt it to one side to get a lighter touch.
Blood comes out just fine. And it never hurts. I just feel it like you
might feel a fly landing on you.

All 10 fingers and thumbs. No callouses. Sides only. I keep the tip and
pad of the finger strictly for feeling! I also find if I lick the wound,
it bleeds more, but if I just rub it hard between two fingers it stops
straight away.

I've never adopted a rotation plan. I just use a finger that looks and
feels least used. That way I'm guaranteed not to over-use any area.

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