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Thank you very much to all the people who are concerned for my

While reading your answers, it suddenly occurred to me that here I am
using the Softclix, and I had totally entirely forgotten that those
little numbers on it mean that I can easily change the depth.  Now that
could really help, particularly using a shallower prick on my little
How embarrassing - I was told this information along with everything
else, 6 months ago when I was given the device the day I was leaving
hospital after diagnosis, still feeling shaky as I was recovering from
severe ketoacidosis and suddenly facing the prospect of coping with
injecting insulin, measuring BG, counting carbohydrates etc.  I dread to
think what else I have forgotten - it really was a situation of
information overload, as well as shock and physical weakness.

(you can call me either  - I have lived in different countries, and some
people know me by one name and some the other!)
email @ redacted
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