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Re: [IP] backpacking and pumping

Bill wrote:


>I am going on a 8 day backpacking trip in August to Wyoming (Wind River
>range) and am wondering what precautions I need to take.
>Do I need to take any special precautions with the pump because of altitude?
>  (9000 to 13000 feet)
Altitude may make your BG drop lower than normal while you acclimate to the
higher altitude (basically, your body is working harder). You may need to
use temporary basal reductions more than normal while you adjust. This may
pass in a couple days, may take longer. Depends on the individual. Pack
some glucose tabs (plenty of extra, just in case) and maybe some "snack
bars". They can come in handy. Plenty of water is useful. Mountain air can
be very dry.

>What about the heat and its effect on my insulin (both in the pump and the
>I carry along)?  I am using Humalog, by the way.
Heat and Humalog can be a bit tough. Everyone's experience differs. Mine
was not that great - I found that the Humalog "denatured" in the high heat
of summer. I needed to change my sets and insulin more frequently. As long
as you plan for the possibility, pack plenty of supplies and try to keep
the unused insulin as cool as possible, things should work o.k. Insulate
the unused insulin in the best way possible - thermos, lunch sack, etc.

>I will have to do at least one set change along the way.  Any special
>considerations needed?

Pack more than you think you'll need. It's tough to step out the door to
the drugstore when you're up in them thar hills ;-) The supplies are fairly
light, so packing extra should not be a chore. Some users pack twice what
they think they'll need.

>Any suggestions for a new pumper (and a new backpacker) would be

I'm not a backpacker, but a good rule of thumb for any new activity is to
take it easy at first. If you have a chance to take some small "practice
hikes" before hand, that's great. It will give you a chance to see how the
pump / pack / exercise combo works out. Best not to go alone, let your
companions know how to help you, if necessary.

I'm jealous ;-) If you need a "guide", let me know. I'll quit my job in a
heart beat to see Wyoming again <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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