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[IP] backpacking and pumping

I subscribed to the list in February and since then have picked up a wealth
of information from the list.  Got a pump (Minimed 507) about two months
ago and am really loving it.  Usually I just quietly listen, but I have some
questions for a change:-)

I am going on a 8 day backpacking trip in August to Wyoming (Wind River
range) and am wondering what precautions I need to take.

Do I need to take any special precautions with the pump because of altitude?
  (9000 to 13000 feet)

What about the heat and its effect on my insulin (both in the pump and the
I carry along)?  I am using Humalog, by the way.

I will have to do at least one set change along the way.  Any special

Any suggestions for a new pumper (and a new backpacker) would be

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