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Computer, not diabetes, was: Re: [IP] =20

To those who wonder:

> Does anyone know why all our messages have that "=20" 
> scattered through them at returns?  
> Thanks! >>
>It must be your browser, my messages don't have any "=20"s.  Bob, any ideas??

Most e mail packages have some method of marking the original text in a
message. This makes it "easier" to follow the flow of text when you are
reading responses. For example, I use Eudora Pro and it uses a > symbol to
mark the beginning of each line (non stylized text) in the original
message. A line in a message which contains parts of an earlier message has
an extra > in front of the line. Gets rather interesting reading messages
with lots of threads.

Readers may have noticed that these symbols sometimes get scattered
throughout my responses. I can be clever at times, perhaps. Typist - *not* ;-)

I can't remember which mail package marks text with an =20 symbol. I think
Bonnie is using a Microsoft Exchange product, so I'm not sure, but that may
simply be the way it's marking the beginning of lines. Most programs have a
way of modifying the options, so stuff like this is less obtrusive.

Bob Burnett

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