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In a message dated 7/14/98 1:58:03 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< considered pricking them - maybe I should reconsider!
 2.  I find that the *sides* of my fingers hurt much more, not less, than
 the pads, and don't seem to have very good blood flow, except at the
 very end - does anyone else have this experience, or am I doing
 something wrong perhaps?   >>


Make sure that when you prick the "side" you aren't actually pricking the part
right next to your fingernail!  That would definitely hurt more.  I use "the
side of the pad" rather than the middle of the pad.

Like you, I only use four fingers, and they are pretty calloused.  Pinkies are
too small, index fingers are used too much for other things (besides, I cut
the pad off of my left one a few years ago - a boneheaded accident with a
rotary cutter - and have a horrendous scar there!) and I hadn't considered
using my thumbs until Bob mentioned it.  I wonder if I could use my toes....

Mary Jean
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