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[IP] Re: tequila

Now ellen I wouldn't write off tequila just yet.  You've got to try it with
a little triple sec and lime juice.  I think your BG was high because of
the carbohydrates in the worm that you forgot to remove :-)

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Sam, in regards to "my bolus is bigger than your bolus," it reminds me of my
July 4th experience.  I was at a party and we all drank too much--Tequila, to
be precise.  I do not drink much and have never had tequila.  BTW, I DO NOT
recommend it to anyone who wants to stay in their right mind.  We were all
pretty high.  I had gotten out my FastTake to check my BG.  To make a long
story short, I checked everyone's BG, and guess what, I WON!!!  My BG was
higher than anyone else's.  Life is Sweet!  I got to keep my FastTake because
I won and there were no undiscovered diabetics in the crowd.  Even though I
had an interesting night, I will NEVER drink tequila again.  Once is enough.

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