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RE: [IP] Kids on pumps(long...sorry)

Judy, I remember the first time that I slept in....in 31 years....people thought I was nuts.......it's the "little" things that I appreciate so much..!!!!! that was one of the best and another......not having to eat....!!!! (sounds dumb, but so true..)
so glad for you...!!!!! Megan will do terrific......and the complications...I feel like I've reversed what little I had, or stopped them ......just want you to know that diabetes isn't a death sentence....I feel better than I ever have and so healthy...I attribute all of this to the pump and alot of determination to not let this disease stop me from ANYTHING......keep up the great work...!!!!!


Thanks for "pumping up" us moms who have kids on pumps. We sometimes need to
hear the words of gratitude from someone else!! It took a few months but now
Megan LOVES her pump! What a joy to see her be able to enjoy "treats" that she
was unable to eat before and to sleep late.(this is good for mom too!) But the
best benefit I hope to see is the possibility of lessening the likelihood of

Yes-all you new moms are an inspiration to me too! The first thing I can
remember feeling after Megan was dx'd was that she would never be able to have
children(must have been that Steel Magnolia movie I watched!!) I am so glad
that I was wrong about that.

Thanks again Rhonda!

Judy C.
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