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Re: [IP] Responses to my concerns about my son doing his own blo

Ellen,  I am not sure, really.  It was quite a while of a hurting finger
before I took it to the doc and he said it was infected and gave me the
antibiotics to combat it.  He couldn't really say what caused it.  I
figured it was the lancets because that was the only thing that had broken
through the skin on that finger for almost ever.  A friend/my pharmacist/a
CDE agreed it may well have been the lancets because they would have been
in contact with blood repeatedly.  I cleaned them with alcohol after each
use but must have not always been careful enough.  At that time I was
testing once a day and using only the four fingers on one hand.  So I guess
what was on my finger one morning was carried along the next.  I usually
wash very carefully but in those NPH days, almost anything could (and did)
happen to break a habit for a day.

That may not be a very specific answer but is the best I could figure at
the time, or now.  I have used a new one each time ever since - I could
never say that about a syringe - with no problems.  I hope.

By now, the cost is not really a factor.  My employer changed insurers a
year and a half ago and one of their (very few) good points is that lancets
are without cost - if you remember to tell the pharmacist to the patient.
I guess that is to make you forget that they deny everything else until you
have argued with them a few times.

At 10:19 PM 7/12/1998 EDT, you wrote:
>Don,  how exactly did you get an infection?  I'd like to know since I use the
>same lancet for a long time and would want to avoid that situation.  Did you
>possibly use the same place too much?  ellen

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